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The girl who love to inspire a lot of people by simply blogging inspirational things, Janina Meriel David.

“Inspiration is absolutely unnecessary and somehow deceptive. You feel like you need this great idea before you can get down to work, and I find that’s almost never the case.”

—   Chuck Close

Direct light using external flash

(90° Split - 90° Butterfly - 45° Light Triangle

Model: Danie and Jill

Song: Troubled Waters by Cat Power

I wanted to produce an indie-like video clip. Grainy video + HD quality + indie song. Featuring only the clouds, the flowers, the greens; in short, the nature. I could also use a girl who’s not that attractive to other people, in order to show that you don’t need to have a perfect face or body in order to be included or featured in a video. 

This video, however, was taken only by my webcam laptop. Obviously, I had a hard time in taking this one. I forgot to bring my DSLR with me, yes I know, I’m so stupid. This is at my grandparent’s house and I’m in love with this place. I feel like I’m in Nashville even though I haven’t been there every  time I visit my grand parents. In other words, it felt like the one you’re/I’m/we’re imagining when we hear a country music .

If you’re asking who are those kids, they’re my cousin.

is she drowning or something?

is she drowning or something?

(Source: grabbed, via brow)

I’m having a hard time to look for the right words to say. 

Have courage.
When asked to think of a quotation, this comes first in my mind. I think before we do something dumb, good and or anything, we need to have courage. Courage in order to do something. Without it, we wouldn’t have the ability to make a move of something we’re scared of doing. It is a one step close to bravery. 

Model: Janina  
Photographer: Andrea Lee
Editor: Janina

Night Thoughts 136

I want to photograph a swan! 

Diffused light: T-B: 90° split - 45° light triangle - 90° butterfly

Model: Danie The Brown Eye Girl


So I forgot to attach the picture of the cake and of course me holding the cake. Excuse my standing position, for sometimes I stand like a guy in pictures. Also, I would like to emphasise the Princess before my name!!

Went to a debut, and this is the only nice picture that I have, I think… I wish I had a friend with me who has great skills in photography..