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Chez Karine Bakery

I think it’s in our tradition to delight ourselves with something sweet after having a long day, may the day be a good or bad. For Andrea and I, it was, I guess, worth the sweat. Instead of rewarding ourselves with a cupcake from Cupcakes by Sonja, we decided to go for something new. We checked out what’s inside the bakery beside the Cupcakes by Sonja, which is Chez Karine Bakery. (BTW, the place/s I am talking about is located at Bonifacio High Street.) Luckily, at the perfect timing of our cravings for a slice of cake and some macaroons, that’s what Chez Karine Bakery sells! 

I was torn between Mango Caramella and Strawberry Shortcake. I even asked the crew which cake she likes best, but because she loves eating Mango and so am I, I decided to go for something different. Obviously, I chose Strawberry Shortcake together with an Iced Coffee. I didn’t take much photos of what I ate because I was excited to dig in.

(Forgive my distorted nail polish) It felt like I was in heaven, when I saw the macaroons arranged in their respective flavors/colors. Of course, I took the opportunity to take a photo of the heavenly macaroons.

If you’re going to ask me, if the money was worth it. Then I would give you an answer: It was definitely worth it! I would love try more of their cakes and  pastries! 

A storm is coming 
A storm was coming
A storm has came
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20 Facts about me:

1. I’m scared of the girl’s smile who’s at the pldt ad train.
2. I’m scared of big eyes, like the eyes of my cousin and my friend, Mike.
3. I eat from time to time.
4. I cry a lot, get mad a lot, get pissed a lot. In short, I a lot. 
5. I don’t know whether I should get more thinner or fatter.
6. I talk to myself at night.
7. I sleep weird, I sleep talk, I sleep move. (Whaaat)
8. I scratch the tip of my nose from time to time.
9. I nail bite. 
10. I spent 2 hours deciding what to wear for each day. 
11. I wear eyeglasses.
12. I say weird scrambled random “words” which are not really “words”. (Get it?)
13. I have a blog!!
14. I am obssesed with 1980s movies
15. I am a bookworm.
16. I sometimes get sleepy while I’m eating.
17. I blurt things out, I say what I want to say sometimes without filtering it. 
18. I’m not good with conversations though it doesn’t look like it. 
19. I get jealous easily.
20. I sometimes imagine myself that I’m swimming in a pool when actually I’m just swimming in a bed.

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Photo by @amvlee

Drink up


Location: The Surface of Architecture Exhibit at School of Designs and Arts, De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

Model: Eldridge Gue and Loren Ducabo

Photos are definitely and undoubtedly enhanced. These photos are supposed to be low key photography but since the background of the model are video clips, the goal was not attained. Fortunately, the photographs turned into something spectacular that I did not expect to happen. 

Trigger Happiness




I wasn’t that happy last term. If you have read my blog over the past weeks, you might have noticed it. Thank God, first term of SY 2014-2015 is done and now I’m ready to move on and get back up this second term. 

I’m starting a ‘new routine’, which is a study first before anything else. That sounds nerdy, I know that, but that’s how it is, I think there’s no other term to make it sound cool. I STILL GOT SOME SWEGGG (SWAG) RIGHT?? Yes, of course, I would still maintain my social life. I don’t want to be that kind of college student who’s very anti-social, we also need time to unwind. In short, I’m back to being motivated and inspired to do some art works and school works.

Tired of shooting indoors, I decided to ask my friend, Andrea (http://andreavlee.blogspot.com), to do some shoots with me for my finals in MDPHOTO last term. As usual, it got cancelled because we were busy and I got no free day to do all my work for that class for one day. How was I able to finish my plates without any free day? I borrowed some equipment at our school, and took it home whenever it’s a weekend, at night, that’s when I shoot my still-life plates. For portraits, whenever my friend and I have the same breaks we shoot at our school. Since it’s the first week of the term, we took the opportunity of not yet having any heavy school duties and not having any class during Fridays. 


I felt free, awesome and of course amazing because that day, I wasn’t worrying any academic stuff. As you can see, my look is actually somehow related to what you just read. The look is chill and sweat-free, well, not really sweat-free but I hope you got what I am trying to say.

Since I was in my first year of high school, I have been looking for this kind of denim jumper. What I usually saw before looks like it’s for kids, and it wasn’t that good. Good by means of not having any impact on anything or anyone when you wear it. Looks like it’s just another jumper the kindergartens wear. Finally, when my parents and I were strolling down the mall, we visited Cotton On. My eyes glowed when I saw this jumper and yes, it made me almost jump into it. HAHAHA I’M SO FUNNY! And when I saw it, I know just the right clothes, shoes and accessories to wear with. 

Photos by: Andrea Lee [http://andreavlee.blogspot.com]

Consilience: A Multimedia Art Exhibit

A Multimedia Exhibit where Art and Science meet.

August 15-17, 2014

A Space - 110 Legaspi Street Makati City

Some things I found very interesting when I attended the exhibit: Consilience. I wasn’t able to take photographs of the artworks that I really found amusing because it would take a lot of minutes for me to have a great photo of it; plus, there are a lot of people who would like to take a look of those things for a couple of minutes.I decided to take a shot of those things that somehow interests me at the same time wasn’t that amusing to other people (meaning: less people). 

My schedule for next term. Since second term is the team building season, I decided to fix it. I have 3 classes on Saturday when I encoded these now I have one. I’m happy because almost all of the courses I am taking up next term is art-related, hoping that I’ll be productive by the upcoming term! 

Night thoughts 153

This is what I’m worried about. I can’t do what I’m supposed to do with my school works because no people wants or are willing to help me. I know that I should be independent but how can I be when everything is limited. I know that a lot of experience that but at least show some moral support that I can do it? Not just sit in the couch and pretend like there’s nothing going on. 

I have the equipments already, but what’s stopping me from doing my shits? Time. They keep on giving me limits, when in fact, this is what i need, I need time in order to finish what I’m supposed to do. And when I’m asking them to give me it, they don’t. When they ask for time, I give them. 

Move In




I have decided to move in my “fashion” thoughts/blog or whatever you’d like to call it here on tumblr. I think this would be my really blog, blog that I don’t have to be so formal about, blog that I share my thoughts. Lately, I have been thinking of deleting or stop having me shoot and post my look/style but now, I decided to still continue. Or do it often, and by often I mean once a month? I know that’s kind of too long or short but it still depends on my mood if I’m up for it. 

To be honest, this pictures are way back from the Julies (I meant July, it’s supposed to be like the ’90s but I figured it’s the same year that I did that shoot and this blog post). It shows that this picture is “old” because this is not my current hairstyle, although my hair is coming back into this already. I got no excuse for this other than my ‘slothness’ [if there’s such a word]. Because lately, I’m am not that busy with my studies nor my org ‘responsibilities’ nor my friends nor my daughter duties, I’m just stuck up with I-don’t-know-what. I just need this term to end, like end and the end of the term is like super near, I just can’t wait to be motivated again to do my chores as a student and a daughter. 

Well, I hope I’ll be motivated and inspired to do my shits again next term. Wish me all the luck because I NEED IT. (Talk about desperation)